How to secure a regularisation Case Study - Ireland Regularisation Organisation: Migrant Rights
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How to secure a regularisation Case Study - Ireland Regularisation Organisation: Migrant Rights

2 May 2023


consciousness to the mainstream of discourse bring in comprehensive legislation to replace the This was a key milestone in the JFU journey and was piecemeal and ad-hoc approach, which contributed, The campaign for a ‘bridging visa’ gathered and decision-making. [...] This group emerged • Using creative and empowering methods and producing evidence that was clear and hard to due to the longevity of the campaign and the fact tools to encourage participation of members and • Storytelling was an important part of this ignore, and which intended to advance regularisation that JFU members had children who were either advance the campaign. [...] MRCI and JFU was the leadership and support of the Irish Trade allies’ across the Trade Union movement and developed and put forward a range of solutions and Union movement and at the other end Business business sector for JFU and children rights and youth approaches and engaged in constructive dialogue to Organizations and employer groups who supported sectors for YPP. [...] An opportunity commitments10 • Impact of the economy on winning: Launched This is skilled work and requires investment arose with the formation of a three-party coalition a broad and inclusive campaign to regularise in deep organising/community development, government and the negotiation of its new The undocumented scheme 2022 was launched in as many people as possible in the middle of a and engag. [...] • Communicating to a range of audiences, across • Taking risks, and having the ability to move and the political spectrum, with allies, to the media pivot, to change strategy and tactics in response and to undocumented people, required different to the politics of the day and not being afraid messages and focus to get it wrong, as we can learn and come back stronger.

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