African Union    - Request for Proposals
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African Union - Request for Proposals

8 June 2023


1.6 Note that: (i) the costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the contract, including a visit to the Client, are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment; and (ii) the Client is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted. [...] No Proposal may be withdrawn in the Interval between the deadline for submission of proposals and the expiration of the period of proposal validity specified by the firm on the Proposal Submission Form. [...] For each assignment, the outline should indicate the names of the Consultant’s Key Experts and Sub-consultants who participated, the duration of the assignment, the contract amount (total and, if it was done in a form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy, the amount paid to the Consultant), and the Consultant’s role/involvement. [...] DESCRIPTION OF APPROACH, METHODOLOGY, AND WORK PLAN IN RESPONDING TO THE TERMS OF REFERENCE A description of the approach, methodology and work plan for performing the assignment, including a detailed description of the proposed methodology and staffing for training, if the Terms of Reference specify training as a specific component of the assignment. [...] Rationale There is a growing recognition in Africa of the importance of using model laws to shape the development of national legislation in conformity with regional standards, as evidenced by the development a couple of the African Union Model Laws including; the African Model Law on Safety in Biotechnology and the African Model Law on Legislation for the Protection of the Rights of Local Communi.

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