RIS Discussion Paper Series - Evolving Conceptual Framework for Measuring Wellbeing for
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RIS Discussion Paper Series - Evolving Conceptual Framework for Measuring Wellbeing for

11 July 2023


Moving further, some of the aspects of wellbeing especially relevant from the point of view of India are inequality in wealth, prevalence of poverty, underemployment, prevalence of various kinds of diseases and aspect of quality of education. [...] National governments need to find resources for adequately investing in the official statistical systems for improving the capacity of the systems for collecting data of good quality for compilation of identified indicators and to support policy makers for designing good policies for upliftment of deprived sections of the society and improving wellbeing. [...] Number of victims Tier I Concerned administrative The indicator is defined as of intentional department of the national the total count of victims of homicide government/ United Nations intentional homicide divided by the total population, expressed per 100,000 Office on Drugs and Crime per 100,000 population. [...] unemployed persons, persons with disabilities and the vulnerable Gender Proportion Tier I Concerned administrative This indicator refers to the Inequality of women in department of the national proportion of females in the total managerial government/ International number of persons employed in managerial positions. [...] Proportion of Tier I Concerned administrative The proportion of seats held by seats held by department of the national women in national parliaments, women in national government/ Inter- currently as of 1 January of reporting year, is currently parliaments (%) Parliamentary Union (IPU) measured as the number of seats held by women members in single or lower chambers of national parliaments, expres.

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