cover image: Online appendix A: Criteria for including or excluding studies


Online appendix A: Criteria for including or excluding studies

10 Jul 2023

Institutional Interventions to Design and The test or use of new methods by a reform efforts reform national targeting of public government entity or staff at any and and/or local services administrative level, to target the delivery architecture of government of public services, public goods, or public service institutions, or management of public resources to delivery develop new specific groups. [...] Inclusive decision- The extent to Inclusive and equitable Measures of the extent to which making which governance interest articulation the interests and views of is inclusive of and representation historically marginalized groups different groups, are articulated and considered interests and in governance and the extent to views in society. [...] Accountability of The accountability Measures of executive Measures that relate to the public decision- of institutions and oversight extent that (1) the actions and makers and policy-makers and expenditures of executive quality of policy- quality of policy agencies and branches of making efforts. [...] Motivation, honesty or Measures that relate to work-ethic of public attitudes or beliefs of public officials, public officials, public servants or servants and decision- decision-makers that reveal makers their honesty or work ethic, or the extent to which their preferences serve the public or themselves. [...] Public and social The extent to Public knowledge and Measures of (1) citizens' wellbeing and which citizens engagement knowledge related to public growth engage with the institutions, resources, and public sector; and processes; and/or (2) civic the emergence of participation and involvement of development, civic society in public social or processes, activities, or economic projects, including vo.


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