The water challenges of tomorrow
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The water challenges of tomorrow

23 July 2023


targeted during the war due to several important It's important to note that the classification of a reasons such as the protection of the civilian population, disproportionate harm, humanita- specific action as a war crime ultimately de- rian law and conventions, responsibility to pro- pends on the circumstances surrounding the tect public health and the environment conflict and the intent of the. [...] Panama and Cos- ta Rica are working together to coordinate the de- velopment of the Sixaola River basin through a Binational Commission, and it is expected that the implementation of the Water Convention will help operationalize monitoring and data-sharing sys- tems on water quality, quantity, and use, that in turn will help to identify trends and potential prob- lems and support evidence-based de. [...] By becoming the first country from Latin It is also foreseen that the Convention will support America to accede to the Convention on the cooperation between Panama and Colombia, by Protection and Use of Transboundary Water- increasing capacity for effective water governance courses and International Lakes (Water Con- and trust, based on clear rights and obligations. [...] The global water crisis continues to intensify, To this end, the Working Group of the Parties to with an increasing prevalence of floods, dro- the Convention on Access to Information, Public ughts, and limited access to safe water. [...] The results and preliminary This workshop will provide a research platform to studies of the workshop will be transformed into a the reserachers from varying disciplines to analyse national report and shared with relevant public insti- Bozkurt flood and aiming to provide an examplary tutions/organisations and stakeholders.

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