Prime Minister letter - UK climate finance - 7 July 2023
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Prime Minister letter - UK climate finance - 7 July 2023

7 July 2023


As 92 UK civil society organisations working across environment, international development, humanitarian response, inclusion and rights issues, we are writing to urge you to keep your promise to communities on the frontline of the climate crisis to provide £11.6bn in climate finance between 2021/22 and 2025/26, and to urgently demonstrate how this commitment will be met. [...] Climate finance is a vital component of the Paris Agreement, without which limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C will not be possible; without which the devastation of climate change will cost countless lives and livelihoods around the world for those least responsible for causing the climate crisis and cause irreversible damage to the ecosystems on which they depend; and without which. [...] Registered Address: 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE While fossil fuel companies in the UK enjoy record-breaking profits, it is impossible for the world to comprehend claims from this government that the UK cannot afford more than 0.5% of gross national income to contribute towards global efforts to address poverty, nature degradation and loss, and climate change. [...] This double counting puts climate finance in direct competition with other vital non-climate ODA priorities and is not in the spirit of the UN agreement to provide new and additional climate finance to countries least responsible for causing the climate crisis. [...] The UK’s credibility on the global stage now hangs in the balance, and we urge you to demonstrate how the £11.6bn will be met and live up to your own words from COP27: “By honouring the promises we made in Glasgow and by directing public and private finance towards the protection of our planet, we can turn our struggle against climate change into a global mission for new jobs and clean growth and.

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