ISSN 2583-3502 Vol. 6 No. 2, April-June 2023 Development Cooperation
Coherent Identifier 20.500.12592/ddkpbg

ISSN 2583-3502 Vol. 6 No. 2, April-June 2023 Development Cooperation

14 July 2023


The experience of strengthening the ability of countries of different countries in the region shows the region to deal with shocks, support that multi-stakeholder partnerships can be the green transition and leverage the beneficial in the context of development private sector. [...] of cooperation and the exchange of experiences in the technical, cultural, AMCI: Moroccan Agency for social and human fields and dozens of International Cooperation new cooperation agreements have been One of the main actors within the signed and implemented through this ecosystem for promoting South-South mechanism in the next decades. [...] The Agency’s purpose is to Academic Cooperation: be a major player in the implementation Sharing the Moroccan of Morocco’s South-South cooperation, Teaching Experience making use of the know-how and AMCI contributes each year to the expertise the country developed in several training of thousands of international fields to provide support to developing talents, including a large majority of countr. [...] The actions implemented by AMCI • Results: Human and technical within this framework are guided capacity-building in the field of by the principle of Morocco’s active clinical and electronic monitoring of solidarity with its partners in the South high-risk pregnancies and childbirth and by the concern for the effective in Djibouti’s maternity wards by implementation of the guidelines capitalising. [...] The country accommodation and meals), while the has been severely impacted by the host country should be responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenge expenses incurred in the country, suitable for population development is expected for the implementation of the activities.

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