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13 July 2023


The figure below by Carman et al (2013) outlines the different places that engagement activities take place (the first column) as well as the degrees of engagement (see continuum of engagement along the top of the figure - ranging from low levels of engagement at the far left, to greater degrees of engagement at the far right). [...] As noted by Carman different factors influence patient preferences and possibilities for engagement including the person’s belief about their role, their literacy and education; the culture and readiness of the organization; and social norms and policy in broader society. [...] Spending the necessary time with all stakeholders, including patient and caregiver partners is required to brief them on the upcoming activity, answer questions, outline what to expect and discuss the goals of the activity to assess alignment in expectations. [...] PREPARING FOR ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES 7 PREPARING FOR ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES 8 PREPARING FOR ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES 9 Section 4: Assessing Readiness for Engagement and Building Engagement Capable Environments Assessing Readiness for Engagement It is. [...] There is a role for leadership, a role for providers/staff and a role for patient and caregiver partners.

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