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13 Jul 2023

Serving as a liaison between the speakers and the audience, while also setting the tone and foundation for the session, the importance of the facilitator cannot be overlooked. [...] Session Planning Checklist In Preparation for the Session: o Have you met with the meeting chair or conference planner who requested a patient partner lived experience story to hear about their goals of the presentation? o Have you provided the person requesting a patient storyteller the information about the purpose of storytelling and the value for teaching patient and family-centred? o Have you. [...] The Day of the Session: o Have you considered o Have you organized the logistics of the session, such as ensuring the session room has the necessary technical equipment and comforts for the speakers, including water bottles, microphones and Kleenex, table set up, slide decks, and parking passes? o Have you finalized the presentation slide decks and printed feedback/evaluation surveys to be complet. [...] BEARING WITNESS TO LIVED EXPERIENCE WORKBOOK 11 Express gratitude and humility for the opportunity to hear about the experiences of others and inform the audience that they will be asked to reflect upon the stories and participate in an open discussion following the panel session. [...] o Are there any new insights into the patient or family experience that you have considered? BEARING WITNESS TO LIVED EXPERIENCE WORKBOOK 12 o Which of the principles of patient and family-centred care were illustrated for you in the story? o What are some barriers that you identified for patient and family- centred care? Provide a summary of the learning at the end of the session.



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