The Water : a more  political issue than technical
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The Water : a more political issue than technical

16 August 2023


The gic interest in the stability of the Euphrates- conversation about the strategic causes of conf- lict is easy to overlook due to their ubiquitous and unassuming nature. [...] expanded second edition of Strategic Water: Iraq and Security Planning in the Euphrates-Tigris In their volume, Edward Erickson and Frederick Basin updates the analysis of the geopolitical Lorenz provide a detailed account of how situation and expands coverage of the aspirati- growing water scarcity related to the Euphrates ons of the basin countries. [...] One of “Geography, the Kurds, and Water,” as well as the many challenging aspects of researching “Data, Science, and Diplomacy.” The conclu- environmental security is scoping the problem. [...] Despite the current volatility and uncertainty in the region, the international com- munity cannot wait to act on water and security matters in the basin. [...] Today, the reports of water deficits and hu- Most of the world is “red” due to warm anomalies, man suffering are a clarion call for action, and with the highest anomalies around Antarctica and the future demands creativity and opportunities Canada.

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