cover image: August 2023        Policy Brief No. 3 - SAUDI ARABIA’S DETERRENCE OPTIONS AGAINST IRAN



25 Aug 2023

A mutually hurting military kingdom and unsuccessfully tried to depose the House stalemate between the Houthis and Saudi-backed of Saud.4 Even at the height of the Islamic State threat in Yemeni forces led to a truce in April 2022 under the 2014, Saudi Arabia was relatively secure. [...] Of course, the trick is how 19, 1977, to the shock of both Israelis and Arabs, both parties get to a fair and sustainable “yes.” Diplomacy he went to Jerusalem, met with Israel’s leaders, and is also used to communicate to an adversary various boldly declared “no more war” in the Israeli Knesset to information, including a state’s capacity and resolve reassure the Jewish state of Egypt’s peaceful. [...] Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking stated that While luring Tehran with normalization, economic Iran has continued to provide the Houthis with arms and investments, and diplomatic acceptance of the Assad drugs.18 The cease-fire to which the Houthis and Saudi government might bring temporary calm, it is unlikely Arabia agreed in April 2022 has held so far, but it could to transform the strategi. [...] the Saudis and the Iranians who did the heavy lifting on Beijing is more likely to keep utilizing economics and the deal, and they turned to Beijing to provide a great lately some measure of diplomacy.25 power venue and serve as a soft guarantor).24 There is also nothing in the Saudi-Iranian accord that requires Yet even if one assumes that China’s strategic calculus Beijing to play a policing or. [...] Royal Saudi Air Force is modern, the best unit in the Saudi military, and more experienced now due to its extensive No Saudi leader since the kingdom’s founding in 1932 involvement in Yemen, it is less likely to serve as a has been more determined to overhaul the Saudi defense strong deterrent because it is not trained for long-range establishment and armed forces than MBS.
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