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16 August 2023


Green transition / Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the economy 2021 ENERGY AND EMISSIONS Energy-related CO2 emissions by sector Elec. [...] The bar chart shows the proportion of a country's land area in each of these classes and the global distribution of land area across the 3 8 classes (for comparison). [...] The bar chart shows 2 9 the distribution of the country's land area in each of these classes compared to the global distribution of wind resources. [...] The chart shows the average NPP in the country 0 tC/ha/yr 11 (tC/ha/yr), compared to the global average NPP of 3-4 tonnes of carbon = Global average of 3-4 tC/ha/yr Sources: IRENA statistics, plus data from the following sources: UN SDG Database (original sources: WHO; World Bank; IEA; IRENA; and UNSD); UN World Population Prospects; UNSD Energy Balances; UN COMTRADE; World Bank World Development. [...] This assumes that, if renewable power did not exist, fossil fuels would be used in its place to generate the same amount of power and using the same mix of fossil fuels.

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