cover image: Digital in Health : Unlocking the Value for Everyone (English)


Digital in Health : Unlocking the Value for Everyone (English)

18 Aug 2023

This report describes how governments can use digital technologies and data to deliver new, more, better, and seamless health services that people can easily want, access, and rely on. It lays out recommendations to be implemented by governments and stakeholders to unlock the value of digital technology for all and describes how the World Bank can support this process along the way. The report is structured as follows: chapter 1 describes the value of digital technology and data to low- and middle-income countries; it concludes that the time is ripe to unlock this value for everyone. Reflecting on the origins of technology use in health care, chapter 2 provides a brief history of digital technology and data in health systems, as well as the World Bank's evolving focus on digitalization during the last 15 years. Looking back, chapter 3 quantifies and describes the World Bank financing for digital health in the last 10 years, as well as the types of digital health investments made by other development partners and the private sector. It also summarizes the perspectives of patients, providers, and communities on the value of these investments and how to improve the value in the future. Looking forward, chapter 4 defines the next wave of evolution to unlock the value for everyone: no longer a narrow focus only on digitalization, but an inclusive, embedded, and infused focus on digital-in-health. Chapter 5 examines the readiness of low- and middle-income countries to embrace and realize a digital-in-health future. The maturity of digital health systems is examined in the context of the maturity of digital transformation across all of government. Based on case studies of country experiences, the chapter concludes with a description of 11 determinants that are instrumental in the ability of countries to extract the most value from digital technology and data for better health. Chapter 6 offers 10 recommendations to help countries make progress in prioritizing, connecting, and scaling up digital technology and data for better health and describes how the World Bank can support countries along this journey. Chapter 7 concludes by providing metrics of progress that governments and stake holders might want to consider as they pivot investments in digital technology and data to unlock the value for all.
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Prestidge,Marelize, Cafagna,Gianluca, Dalton,Charles William, Tiago De Oliviera, Feliciano,Jammie Carlos, Silu (Cece) Feng, Goswami,Kajali Paintal, Koziel,Anna, Hulse,Matthew Thomas, Patel,Ashini Nitul, Rockmore,Christophe, Sabic,Zlatan, Veerappan,Malarvizhi, Zhang,Yi

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Digital in Health : Unlocking the Value for Everyone
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