Report of the International Mission to Colombia
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Report of the International Mission to Colombia

10 August 2023


They say, ‘We are facing an protect the Bruno stream, the last remaining international lawsuit from the company.’” tributary of the Ranchería River and a vital source of water for Wayúu communities, this Another example of corporate abuse of ruling ordered the suspension of the opening power is that of Eco Oro Minerals, a Canadian of a new pit at the mine called “La Puente”. [...] In as well as a strong popular mobilisation led the face of popular demands and the judicial by the Committee for the Defense of Water mandates of Rulings C-035 of 2016 and T-361 and Santurbán Paramo, who underlined the of 2017 that oblige the government to adopt threat that commercial mining posed to one of measures for the comprehensive protection the country’s most important ecosystems. [...] The lack of In this way, the system deepens and perpetuates clean water in the region has contributed to the unequal and colonialist relations, as well deaths of thousands of children. [...] This is Aura Robles, one of the Wayúu plaintiffs who particularly critical in the context of the climate won the Constitutional Court Ruling 698 in crisis and accelerated biodiversity loss, when favour of their collective rights in 2017, eloquently decisive actions and urgent measures are required in the face of the irreparable damage and devastating effects that the operations Coal mining operati. [...] We also reiterate that the government is capable This was evident in the announcement from of promoting a comprehensive citizens’ the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry audit of the effects of trade and investment regarding the review of the BITs in effect with agreements and of the international Colombia.3 Subsequently, the Ministry told us arbitration system in Colombia.

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