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IDA - Health Watch 2 9 12

23 Aug 2023

It started in April of 2020 at the early stages of the whole government response when the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) came together and was co-led by CDC [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency], given the nature of the pandemic and the widespread national-level disaster that it was — and that it was anticipated to be. [...] After the NRCC sunset later in the summer of 2020, the work got handed off to the Joint Coordination Cell, which was the subsequent interagency body overseeing much of the whole-of-government response, just at a slightly different scale and scope. [...] Healthy People has looked more and more upstream to those factors that influence health and well-being of individuals in the country, to set objectives — to set the metrics and benchmarks that Healthy People defines for the whole of government and the nation. [...] Most interestingly and most imperative is the central component of that framework, which is belonging and civic muscle, or the sense that one and one’s community can thrive only if there is an opportunity to speak in terms of the needs of that individual and that community, from the context of that community. [...] I should have mentioned that part Health Watch 7 of the work that the Federal Interagency Workgroup is doing on the Federal Plan for Equitable Long-Term Recovery and Resilience is related to the definition of resilience and a comprehensive way to measure it.
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