cover image: Climate of the Nation 2023 - Tracking Australia’s attitudes towards climate change and energy


Climate of the Nation 2023 - Tracking Australia’s attitudes towards climate change and energy

5 Sep 2023

Two in In 2023, Climate of the Nation asked for the first time about three Australians (66%) support a windfall profits tax on the Australians’ concerns regarding the impact of climate change oil and gas industry, and 59% support the introduction of a levy on the cost of living. [...] 8 | Net zero and carbon neutral claims are The economic role of gas and coal is unclear, and governments should be significantly overestimated responsible for regulating these claims As in previous years, Australians continue to overestimate the contributions of the gas and coal industries to the Australian The private sector is increasingly using claims of net zero economy, both in terms of emplo. [...] Despite concern amongst most Australians about the impacts of Of the cost-of-living impacts added to the Climate of the Nation climate change, 30% of respondents believe the seriousness of survey this year, 29% of Australians think more expensive climate change is exaggerated (compared to 52% that disagree). [...] These responses likely reflect believe the seriousness of climate change is exaggerated, the impacts of the Black Summer bushfires and the east coast compared to just 12% of Greens voters, 21% of Labor voters, floods on the costs of both insurance and necessities for many 33% of other voters and 47% of Coalition voters. [...] of spending public money on infrastructure to subsidise the Women are also less likely to think that those affected by expansion of the coal, oil and gas industries (50% of Australians climate disasters should primarily pay the costs of responding to aged 50-64, and 56% of Australians aged 65 or over oppose, them (12% of women compared to 18% of men).
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