Centre for Air Power Studies - US WeaponS in afghaniStan: factSheet and aSSeSSment
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Centre for Air Power Studies - US WeaponS in afghaniStan: factSheet and aSSeSSment

15 September 2023


This was seen as a viable alternative to the expansion of international forces in Afghanistan, which were not able to control the situation and produce the desired results, like a decrease in enemy attacks and violence.² Despite the lack of any proper policy, doctrine, or resource allocation, the US took the lead in formulating the overall structure of the ANDSF, which was responsible for maintain. [...] 14 September 2023 | PAGE - 1 Centre for Air Power Studies N e i g h b o u r h o o d I n s i g h t s S e r i e s | I S S U E B R I E F The withdrawal of US forces allowed the Taliban to As per the US Department of regain control over the security architecture of the Defense report, the US left region and thereby attack the Afghan government and behind weapons worth US ANDSF. [...] However, if the words of Rob Lodewick, a US Department of Defense spokesperson, are to be believed, nearly all the equipment used by US military forces in Afghanistan was either retrograded or destroyed prior to the withdrawal.⁴ Therefore, the majority of weapons used by the Taliban and other organisations today are those provided to the ANDSF. [...] These weapons have also added vision gadgets left behind by to the lethality of such groups.¹² It is helping the the US troops in Afghanistan groups wage insurgencies against the government have also made their way into in Pakistan.¹³ However, not all of the weapons were the hands of the terrorists in provided by the US. [...] The other outflow is found in Russia in exchange for Putin recognising the Taliban, according to a report in the British tabloid.¹⁶ This has also led to the emergence of a black market for weapons across the borders of Pakistan.

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