Centre for Air Power Studies - GrowinG ThreaT of iSKP in afGhaniSTan
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Centre for Air Power Studies - GrowinG ThreaT of iSKP in afGhaniSTan

15 September 2023


The tactics ISKP uses to combat the Taliban are strikingly similar to those used by the Taliban in their own conflict with Afghan nationalist forces and American soldiers.⁸ This lends even more support to the accusations that former Taliban troops were involved in the formation of the ISKP. [...] Given that foreign embassies are now included on the ISKP hitlist in addition to civilian fatalities, the Taliban’s assertions that the nation is secure are put to yet another test.¹¹ Presence of ISKP in the Region: A Dilemma? The resurgence of the Taliban in 2021 led to the emergence of a number of debates on the challenges associated with regional peace and stability. [...] The ISKP in Kabul claimed credit for a number of the assaults, and the Haqqanis are rumoured to have assisted the ISKP in carrying them out.¹⁵ According to the 2021 UNSC report, “certain attacks can be denied by the Taliban and claimed by ISKP, with it being unclear whether these attacks were purely orchestrated by the Haqqani Network or were joint ventures making use of ISKP operatives”.¹⁶ The Ta. [...] According to ISIS, the attack on them is in order to take revenge on the Hindus for the crimes they are committing against Muslims in the country”.²³ To prevent such internal strife in India, security agencies should seek the help of their partners to proactively thwart future attacks by the ISKP and other extremist groups. [...] Conclusion The Taliban’s restoration to power in Afghanistan in 2021 worsened the security situation in the region, giving ISKP the flexibility to take advantage of the shaky power transition to further its objectives and enlist new recruits.

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