Foss i l F inance V io la t ions
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Foss i l F inance V io la t ions

6 September 2023


Glasgow Policy Violations Foss i l F inance V io la t ions : T rack ing Foss i l Fue l Pro jects that v io la te commitments to end internat iona l pub l ic f inance for foss i l fue l s This tracker documents known approved or pending fossi l fuel projects that are in violation of the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (commonly referred to as the Glasgow Statement) and near identical G7 commitm. [...] Approved projects: Financing Country & (Institution) Project Project Location Sector $ USD millions United States (US EXIM) Trafigura LNG exports Singapore Gas $400 United States (DFC)  PFK Orlen gas imports Poland Gas $500 United States (DFC)  Renergen Tetra 4 LNG - Phase South Africa Gas $500  2 Project PT Kilang Pertamina United States (US EXIM) Balikpapan Oil Refinery Indonesia Oil $99.7 Expan.

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