cover image: Mind the Disruption - PODCAST EPISODE TRANSCRIPT & COMPANION DOCUMENT - Disrupting Whiteness


Mind the Disruption - PODCAST EPISODE TRANSCRIPT & COMPANION DOCUMENT - Disrupting Whiteness

29 Aug 2023

They’ve always been the women who went out — they all worked outside of the home — and did SUME what they wanted to do in very different careers and I was a teenager in the 90s, and if you’re a teenager very different kinds of spaces from education to law, to in the 90s in Cameroon and probably a lot of African politics, to health. [...] This was the first time where to shape interventions and strategies so that they’re I was going to an embassy by myself, getting the more appropriate for people’s lived realities and looking information I needed for the visa application and just beyond the individual? Would that be the case? observing the ways in which this system treats African folks in many ways as pariahs. [...] But ultimately with the view that we we think about White supremacy, we think about the can re-engineer our social policies, our public policies, KKK and things like that, which exists and the KKK was our health policies, and ultimately improve the health very active in the Canadian context, by the way — and of Black folks, of Indigenous folks, of other racialized that can be very alienating to pe. [...] So you give the five things, and then after like, but what do I do? SUME So again, but I just gave you five things and someone I think the main thing, and this probably struck me before me gave you 10 and someone after me is going when I started with the NCCDH, is I expected the to give you more, right? practice of public health to be in a very different place than I actually found it. [...] question that is looking at the problem, then Whiteness But ultimately, we as White people are in this, we need is the space that we need to be talking about and to do the work in this space and we need to name problematizing Whiteness.
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