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I ndo -P acIfIc n ewsletter CONTENTS QUOTE

11 September 2023


and Japan are the Quadrilateral Security through the Partners in the Blue Pacific, the Dialogue involving the U. [...] The present of the major stakeholders in Northeast Asian approach is too piecemeal as the geostrategic security landscape, the future of the Trilateral chess match between the United States and will hinge on two factors: First, the impending China grows more intense. [...] emerged as one of the world’s truly great economic and industrial powers despite the failure of Mao’s Compounded by the lingering effects of the Cultural Revolution and poverty sweeping across COVID-19 pandemic and the waves of ceaseless the People’s Republic of China. [...] together the political, military, economic, and technological capabilities of America’s European There is a growing realisation that both the and Asian allies with the aim of deterring China United States and allies like America does not have the and Russia from undermining Australia will need to get the resources to pursue global the liberal international order balance of its military and primacy. [...] However, Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Indonesia reject the this position, born from the the United States has added notion of treating Europe and lack of stronger European 20,000 troops to its presence in the Indo-Pacific as a unified resolve, affects the broader Europe and bolstered air, land, geopolitical stage, asserting the global standing of the United maritime, cyber, and space importanc.

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