The situation concerning Western Sahara : report of the Secretary-General.
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The situation concerning Western Sahara : report of the Secretary-General.

10 March 1994

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To this effect, I would also urge reflection on the built-in checks and balances in the referendum process, namely the high authority of the Security Council; the authority vested in the Secretary-General and delegated to his Special Representative under the settlement plan; the objectivity and sound judgement of the Identification Commission; the full freedom for appeals as provided for in the te [...] The process of identification and registration of all eligible voters should be completed on the basis of the compromise proposal of the Secretary-General, the terms of reference of the Identification Commission and the relevant provisions of the settlement plan. [...] In pursuance of the goal set by the Security Council in the President’s letter of 6 December 1993, the recommended timetable for (a) the work of the Identification Commission and (b) other main activities of MINURSO called for in the plan would be as follows, to enable the commencement of the transitional period on 1 August 1994 and the holding of the referendum by the end of 1994, taking into acc [...] At the end of the prescribed period, the Security Council would review the progress achieved and, on the basis of that review, would decide on the next course of action for the fulfilment of the United Nations mandate for Western Sahara. [...] The formula takes due account of the fact that the applicant belongs to a Saharan tribe and translates membership in that tribe in practical and applicable terms to the Territory of Western Sahara (that is the idea of "existing within the Territory" at the level of the subfraction of a tribe).

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