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Arab Perspectives on the Middle East Crisis

13 Oct 2023

Carnegie Middle East scholars examine the factors that led to the conflict between Israel and Hamas—and what comes next.THE REGIONAL REPERCUSSIONS Marwan Muasher, vice president for studies Amid the horrible loss of civilian lives among both Israelis and Palestinians, the international community must take a step back and look at the root cause of this weekend’s terrible events. The world might have been surprised by the size of the Hamas attack, but it should not be surprised that it took place. The international community bears part of the responsibility for letting the conflict simmer and accepting the longest occupation in modern history.
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Marwan Muasher, Zaha Hassan, Nathan J. Brown, Amr Hamzawy, Maha Yahya, Mohanad Hage Ali, Sinan Ülgen, Rafiah Al Talei, Yasmine Farouk, Sarah Yerkes

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United States of America

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