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WHO regional strategy on sexual and reproductive health, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2001



The purpose of this document is to provide strategic guidance to Member States collaborating in the development and implementation of policies and programmes to improve the sexual and reproductive health of their populations. It starts with a presentation of the RH challenges facing the Region and then goes on to clarify the concepts of Sexual Health, Reproductive Health and Safe Motherhood. After a summary of the underlying principles it goes into some detail about the goal, objectives and suggested targets. The approaches required to achieve these objectives are presented and discussed, with due allowance for differences in the situation of countries. National and international responsibilities are indicated and a framework for implementation proposed. Suggestions are also made for directions in resource mobilization. Monitoring and evaluation constitute the final section. It is emphasized that the document is for use in developing national policies and programmes and therefore needs to be adapted as required



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prevention and control europe health policy sexually transmitted diseases strategic planning maternal health health status indicators regional health planning family planning services sexual behavior reproductive medicine