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28 Sep 2023

The IPS Program on Inequality and the Common Good was founded in 2006 to draw attention to the growing dangers of concentrated wealth and power, and to advocate for policies and practices to reverse extreme inequalities in income, wealth, and opportunity. [...] At the top of the list of the Hanscom High Flyers is a private jet registered to an LLC in the names Bronwen Carroll and John Ryan Carroll. [...] Because the jet is in trust with the Bank of Utah serving as the trustee, the aircraft’s owner, according to the FAA registry, is simply the Bank of Utah. [...] The 17th most frequent flyer to and from Hanscom Field over the 18 months studied was a Cessna 560XL, a midsize jet and the second belonging to trustee industry giant the Bank of Utah. [...] 4645F Because of the creative ways that the “wealth defense industry” and the wealthy collude to avoid taxation, the web of LLC, trust, and corporation ownership of private jets can be intentionally 22 complex and confusing.


Kalena Thomhave

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United States of America