cover image: ESRC ‘Project Co-Lead (International)’ Policy


ESRC ‘Project Co-Lead (International)’ Policy

16 Oct 2023

It is the Project Lead’s responsibility to articulate in the application the added value that the PcL(I) will bring to the overall leadership of the research and their role in the management of the project, as well as the relevant research experience and expertise that they will bring to the project team. [...] What is the research capacity of the organisation? The organisation should possess in-house capacity to carry out research in the field or discipline in which it wishes to be funded and be able to demonstrate an independent capability to undertake and support research projects. [...] If costs are requested for the salary of the PcL(I), are these absolutely necessary for their involvement in the project? The reason(s) for the inclusion of these costs must be clearly listed in the Resources and Costs Justification section of your application. [...] To amend this click on the calendar icon or enter the date in the DD/MM/YYYY format Duration Months The period, in whole months to be spent working on the Project FTE % This is the percentage of time that the post holder will spend working on the project based on a full- time post. [...] To amend this click on the calendar icon or enter the date in the DD/MM/YYYY format Starting Salary Annual salary when starting on the project London Allowance If in receipt of London Allowance include the £ Value (numeric) Other Allowances If applicable Super Ann and NI Superannuation and National Insurance costs over the duration of the project (numeric) Total Costs Enter the total cost of the P.



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