South-South Migration in West Africa
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South-South Migration in West Africa

31 May 2012

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We stand to thank respondents from the many organisations answering our survey on immigrant integration in Ghana: ISSER, the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) and the Centre for Migration Studies (CMS) at the University of Ghana, ActionAid, the International Cocoa Initiative, the Centre for the Development of People, the Ghana Immigration Service, the International Organization for [...] The paper relies heavily on the results of two workshops (one in Dakar, the other in Accra) and on interviews with experts, immigrants, non-governmental and international organisations, policy makers and private businesses in Ghana in 20101 to analyse how the 1. The questionnaire for the interviews is included in the annex. [...] Despite the prevalence of French in the region and the weight of former colonial links, France does not represent the primary destination of migrants in any West African country, no more than the United Kingdom does in the English-speaking countries.4 2. This percentage falls in line with the number of migrants worldwide, which is also 3% (UNDP, 2009). [...] Moreover, the high concentration of refugees and migrants stuck-in-transit in the region contributes to increasing the vulnerability of migrants and the socio-economic costs faced by the “host” society. [...] Such is the case for the Igbo and the Osu caste system in the Southern corridor of West Africa, the Mande in the West of West Africa and the Wolof in Gambia, Mauritania and Senegal.

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