cover image: CAMBODIA CLEARING THE MINES 2023 681 88.48 14,402


CAMBODIA CLEARING THE MINES 2023 681 88.48 14,402

3 Nov 2023 80 CAMBODIA The GICHD supported the upgrading of the CMAA’s 30% of the total funding to the mine action sector (US$99.49 information management system as well as gender million of US$340.2 million) in 2010–18.29 In 2022, it provided mainstreaming and the development of Cambodian $4,458,086 for mine action.30 national mine action standards.23 NPA, funded by Norway, conducts cap. [...] With support from UNDP and NPA, the CMAA made a Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY), MAPU, video, “Women are the catalyst for success in Mine Action in operators, and international and national organisations Cambodia”, which was based on a number of case studies and working in risk education and victim assistance.41 released in December 2022.45 The CMAA is implementing a Gender Main. [...] The process started 168km2 in each of the two remaining years.58 A revised work with the south-eastern province of Kep in February 2022 plan submitted in 2023 said Cambodia would release 356km2 and by the end of the year seven provinces and Phnom in 2023 and 168km2 in each of 2024 and 2025. [...] Provinces CMAA would coordinate clearance of mined areas located earmarked by the CMAA for being declared mine free in 2023 outside the 7km-wide border zone in 2023 and address the included Kampong Thom, Kratie, Mondulkiri, Rattanakiri, and remaining mined areas on the border from late 2023 until the Siem Reap, which, at the end of 2022, had a total of 113km2 of end of 2025.59 confirmed and suspec. [...] In response, the CMAA planned to increase the required development.71 CMAA said three standards covering number of teams to 12 in 2023 by downsizing the size of the baseline survey (CMAS 14), land release (15), and cluster teams to two people and by doubling field deployments from munition remnant survey (16) would be revised in the course 10 days a month to 20 days monthly.76 of 2023 in order to.
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