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Climate Equality: A planet for the 99%

20 Nov 2023

The crises of climate breakdown and extreme inequality dominate our age. Headlines are filled with billionaire hubris and burning heatwaves. Our planet risks being destroyed under a sea of flood and fire. Ordinary people the world over – in nations rich and poor – face ever-higher prices for food and shelter, while the richest see their fortunes grow relentlessly. Women, people of color, Indigenous Peoples and other marginalized groups are on the sharp end of climate breakdown. Young people and future generations will face the worst consequences of any failure to tackle climate change, while male, white billionaires are the big winners. These are not separate crises. They are not separate challenges facing humanity. Presenting new research, this report shows that these twin crises of climate and inequality are instead interlaced, fused together and driving one another. Drawing on new global data and experts and advocates the world over, this report argues for a radical new approach if we are to stand any chance at overcoming the catastrophe unfolding before us. It argues for a planet for the 99%, in which we address extreme inequality and climate breakdown together. This means addressing not just the historic and current responsibilities of highemitting nations and major corporations for their role in driving carbon emissions, but also – critically – the disproportionate role that the richest individuals play in the climate crisis through their emissions, investments and capture of politics. It means a recognition that a radical increase in equality is a precondition to ending climate breakdown and poverty.
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Ashfaq Khalfan, Astrid Nilsson Lewis, Carlos Aguilar, Jacqueline Persson, Max Lawson, Nafkote Dabi, Safa Jayoussi, Sunil Acharya

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