Question of Western Sahara : report of the Secretary-General.
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Question of Western Sahara : report of the Secretary-General.

27 September 1993

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He also recalled that, pending the fulfilment of the conditions necessary for the commencement of the transitional period in accordance with the timetable and plan of action set out in his report of 19 April 1991, 2 / the military mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara remained restricted to monitoring and verifying the cease-fire in effect since 6 September 199 [...] Taking into account those developments, the Secretary-General requested guidance from the Security Council on the following three options: (a) Continuation and, if possible, intensification of talks; (b) Immediate implementation of the settlement plan on the basis of the instructions for the review of applications for participation in the referendum appearing in a previous report of the Secretary- [...] As indicated in the reports that he had regularly submitted to the Security Council, which continued to be seized of the question, he had endeavoured to iron out the difficulties that could hinder the implementation of the settlement plan, which provided for the organization and holding by the United Nations of a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara. [...] The Council invited further the Secretary-General to make the necessary preparations for the organization of the referendum of self-determination of the people of Western Sahara and to consult accordingly with the parties for the purpose of commencing voter registration on a prompt basis starting with the updated lists of the 1974 census. [...] The Council invited also the Secretary-General to report to it as soon as possible and not later than May 1993 on the outcome of his efforts, on the cooperation of the parties and on the prospects and modalities for the holding of the referendum on a free and fair basis with a view that this take place by the end of the current year at the latest.

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