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Reducing the Risks of Climate Overshoot

20 Sep 2023

The Climate Overshoot Commission was convened as an independent body of thirteen eminent global leaders in order to propose strategies to mitigate risks should global warming exceed the 1.5 °C target. We are the first high-level group to holistically address all approaches – emissions reduction, carbon removal, adaptation, and solar radiation modification in a comprehensive strategy, unfettered by typical political constraints. Our members, including former heads of government, national ministers, directors of intergovernmental organizations, environmental group leaders, and academic experts, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. We were complemented by a Youth Engagement Group, whose six members from around the world bring both diverse expertise and the invaluable perspective of the generation that will bear the impacts of climate overshoot. Each of us speaks in our personal capacity. Our approach is comprehensive and unconstrained, and we are privileged to be guided by three distinguished international scientists specializing in climate change and Earth systems, ensuring our recommendations are rooted in the most recent scientific evidence. I am confident that our collective efforts will serve as a catalyst for meaningful action in the face of our current climate crisis. We eagerly anticipate your support and collaboration in debating, deciding and implementing the strategies outlined in this report. Pascal Lamy, Chair.


Climate Overshoot Commission

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