cover image: The COP28 Net Zero Atlas


The COP28 Net Zero Atlas

21 Nov 2023

Our third annual Net Zero Atlas provides an updated analysis of G20 countries’ climate targets, mitigation strategies, and physical risk exposures. The report outlines a refreshed evaluation of the ‘temperature alignment’ of national climate commitments and actions for G20 countries. Critically it includes expanded analysis that considers the latest physical impacts of climate change on G20 countries and systematically assesses their approaches to adaptation planning. This Net Zero Atlas shares a wealth of data and insights on the transition and physical risks to which G20 countries are exposed. It also systematically evaluates how governments are responding both in terms of their emissions-reduction commitments and national adaptation strategies. It is critical for investors to grasp these challenges and understand how they are reshaping growth trajectories and asset valuations around the world.
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Florian Gallo, Claire Hugo, Fannie Serrano, Edmund Bourne, Jaakko Kooroshy

Published in
United Kingdom


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