Limited Tender for Laying of Floor Tiles in 12 Flats at Staff Quarters,


Limited Tender for Laying of Floor Tiles in 12 Flats at Staff Quarters,

23 Nov 2023

Having examined the tender document relating to the works specified in the Memorandum hereinafter set out, having visited and examined the site of the works specified in the said Memorandum and having acquired the requisite information relating thereto as affecting the tender, I/We hereby offer to execute the works specified in the said Memorandum within the time specified, at the rates including. [...] If the Tenderer withdraws his Tender before expiry of the validity period of the Tender or if the Contractor fails to execute / complete the works satisfactorily or contractor commits breach of any of the terms and conditions of the contract, NABARD has the right to forfeit the RMD. [...] In consideration hereinafter mentioned, the Tenderer will upon and subject to the conditions annexed, carry out and complete the works shown in the contract, described by or referred to in the Schedule of Quantities and in the said conditions. [...] The Said Conditions and Appendix thereto and the documents attached hereto shall be read and construed as forming part of this Agreement and the parties hereto shall be respectively abide by, submit themselves to the said Conditions and the correspondence and perform the agreement on their part respectively in the said conditions and the documents contained herein. [...] Time shall be considered as the essence of this contract, the Tenderer hereby agrees to complete the entire work within 2 months as prescribed in the tender, which shall be reckoned from 10th day of the date of issue of work order subject nevertheless to the provision for extension of time as permissible by the Employer.


Neelesh Patel

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