cover image: Submission to the 2024-2025 Education Funding Consultations


Submission to the 2024-2025 Education Funding Consultations

25 Oct 2023

The priority of this government must be to address these funding shortfalls and to make significant investments to address mental health and the widening gaps in inequity among the diverse peoples of Ontario. [...] In the years since the funding formula was introduced government changes have only compounded those issues and school boards are left to make tough choices on the allocation of funding to areas of crisis because they are not receiving enough funding to support the programs that students need. [...] As well, the report documented the underfunding of school maintenance and operations and the negative consequences of the funding formula’s fixation with uniformity and its inadequate funding for special education, programming for students at risk, and support for students whose first language is neither English nor French. [...] School boards must be compelled to utilize the best practices in this guide to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and to provide a safe working environment for staff and a safe learning environment for students. [...] OSSTF/FEESO insists that the trustee organizations be required, through law, to report publicly the allocation and expenses of these funds for the interest of public accountability and transparency.


Wells, John

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