cover image: A stronger, more diverse and independent community sector - Department of Social Services


A stronger, more diverse and independent community sector - Department of Social Services

7 Nov 2023

We have noted the key directions put forward in the discussion paper and the Commonwealth’s interest in strengthening the community sector through its support in the areas of: Giving the sector the voice and respect it deserves through a meaningful working partnership. [...] Overview The community centres of South Australia have indicated that the most important issues for how the Commonwealth Government can support community sector organisations are: Adequate funding for administrative and overhead costs, Flexibility and adequacy of government funding, including the length of grant agreements, and Place-based funding approaches. [...] Like a visit to a home, a visit to any centre immediately informs the funder about the nature of the local community, the efforts and planning of staff, the array of programs on offer and the need for flexibility.” SA community centre leader Community centres are deeply embedded in communities and work closely with the most vulnerable people in society. [...] In the context of rising costs of living, housing shortages, and the impacts of climate change, they see in real-time the increase in need in the community, particularly those that are operating in areas with entrenched and intergenerational disadvantage. [...] Flexibility and adequacy of government funding To deepen the impact on local communities, in relation to the provision of grants, community centres and neighbourhood houses need: More targeted grants to community centres who are often working at the grass roots supporting the most disadvantaged local communities through place-based work.


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