Africa Institute of South Africa


Africa Institute of South Africa

Type Research Center
Year founded 1960
Location Pretoria South Africa South Africa
Budget USD 500k-999k
Functions Education and training, Research
Tags africa education africa-portal
Summary The Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) was first established in 1960 as a non-profit organisation. Today it is a statutory body following the Africa Institute of South Africa Act (no 68 of 2001). Although the institute has been existence for more than 51 years, this saw it being brought into the fold of science councils in South Africa and given the full support of the Department of Science and Technology.

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AISA · 1 October 2016 English

Complex dimensions of human security is unlocked when the matrix of domination is disrupted, that feeds the systemic inequality and poverty in violence ridden societies. Self-reproducing cycles of chronic violence, …

AISA · 1 August 2016 English

The recent terrorist attacks in Africa is analyzed in this policy brief, and the measures Africa should take to prevent them. It equally examines global counter-terrorism measures and it's implications …

AISA · 1 July 2016 English

In order to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance, Ghana’s initiatives and its efforts to guarantee the sustainability of revenues from the hydrocarbons sector, have been largely informed by mistakes …

AISA · 14 March 2016 English

Economic, social and technological potential and formulation and convergence through collective agenda-setting locally and regionally – lessons for the world institute is entrusted with the mandate of conducting Agenda, as …

AISA · 1 February 2016 English

The ability of African countries, in the past two decades, to contribute assets to peace operations has increased to a remarkable degree. This surge is undeniably contributing in sum to …

AISA · 1 February 2016 English

The year of 2014 is viewed as China’s year of reforms in many respects. During the year 2015, the country’s top leaders stressed their determination to remodel China’s development from …

AISA · 1 October 2015 English

South Africa’s public electricity utility, Eskom, grapples continuously with the challenge of meeting the rapidly growing demand of electricity. Repeated bouts of load shedding have been a clear testimony to …

AISA · 1 August 2015 English

This paper mainly highlights how health is compromised in Africa. It seeks to question and analyse the predicaments faced by a number of African countries, particularly the western region as …

AISA · 1 June 2015 English

France managed to stop Jihadi militants from the northern Region in their tracks after they launched an offensive bid to take over the running of Mali, under Operation Serval, whereby …

AISA · 1 June 2015 English

The African Union (AU) was caught unprepared and highly embarrassed as France, under Operation Serval, managed to stop Jihadi militants from the northern region in their tracks after they launched …

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