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Year founded 1918
Headquarters Washington D.C., DC United States of America United States of America

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Proposed American National Standards

ANSI · 12 July 2021 English

(new standard) PINS Date: Apr 20, 2018 | New Project Initiated BSR/ASB Std 070-202x, Standard for Examination of Handwritten Items (new standard) PINS Date: May 18, 2018 | Public Review …

FORM 4: NEW WORK ITEM PROPOSAL (NP) - Circulation date Reference number:

ANSI · 14 June 2021 English

¹ The proposer of a new work item may be a member body of ISO, the secretariat itself, another technical committee or subcommittee, an organization in liaison, the Technical Management …

Young Professionals Competition - Nomination Form - IEC General Meeting

ANSI · 17 May 2021 English

The young professionals selected to represent the United States will attend the Young Professionals Workshop to be held 3–7 October 2021 in Dubai, UAE as a hybrid in-person and virtual …

FORM 4: NEW WORK ITEM PROPOSAL (NP) - Circulation date Reference number:

ANSI · 11 May 2021 English

The proposal will be circulated to the P-members of the technical committee or subcommittee for voting, and to the O-members for information. [...] (In the case of an amendment, revision …

MEETING SUMMARY America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC)

ANSI · 5 May 2021 English

5 In terms of the current status of the project, the 2017 version of the document is a draft standard for trial use. [...] Q&A Is there a standard for …

Meeting Summary

ANSI · 10 March 2021 English

With the increasing commercialization and decreasing cost of space operations, we are on the cusp of capitalizing on the enormous market potential in space, similar to the potential which caught …

USNC/IECEE 01-S - USNC/IECEE Supplement to USNC Conformity Assessment Mirror Committee Operating …

ANSI · 28 January 2021 English

Section 3 USNC CA MIRROR COMMITTEE OFFICERS The requirements of Section 3 of USNC CA 01 apply. [...] Section 5 USNC CA MIRROR COMMITTEE MEETINGS The requirements of Section 5 …


ANSI · 12 January 2021 English

Further, in the course of their review, the ANSI BSR and the Audit Program may request related evidence that demonstrates the type of outreach undertaken by a developer to achieve …

March 20, 2000

ANSI · 7 December 2020 English

March 20, 2000 MEETING AGENDA Standardization and the Commercial Space Industry – Space Situational and Domain Awareness, Space Traffic Coordination and Management, and Orbital Debris Mitigation Monday, December 7, 2020, …

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