Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization


Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization

The purposes and objectives of the Organization as stipulated in Article 1 of the Statutes is as under: To serve as an advisory body to its Member States in the field of international law and as a forum for Asian-African co-operation in legal matters of common concern; To consider and deliberate on issues related to international law that may be referred to the Organization by the Member States and to make such recommendations to governments as deemed necessary; To exchange views, experiences and information on matters of common concern having legal implications and to make recommendations thereto if deemed necessary; To communicate, with the consent of the governments of the Member States, the views of the Organization on matters of international law referred to it, to the United Nations, other institutions and international organizations; To examine subjects that are under consideration by the International Law Commission and to forward the views of the Organization to the Commission; to consider the reports of the Commission and to make recommendations thereon, wherever necessary, the Member States; and; To undertake, with the consent of/or at the request of Member States, such activities as may be deemed appropriate for the fulfillment of the functions and purposes of the Organization.
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