Asian Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women


Asian Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women

Type Research Center
Year founded 1993
Location Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Malaysia
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags human rights social policy
Summary ARROW strives to enable women to be equal citizens in all aspects of their life by ensuring their sexual and reproductive health and rights are achieved. Established in 1993 upon a needs assessment arising out of a regional women’s health project, where the originating vision was to create a resource center that would 'enable women to better define and control their lives', ARROW is a regional non-profit women’s organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

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ARROW · 2 November 2022 English

In the context of climate indigeneity considerations, gender-responsive and change, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in intersectional approaches, and SRHR in the planning and particular, gets further deteriorated …

ARROW · 22 September 2022 English

THAILAND Type 1 or Type 4 FGC (mild cutting or pricking of the PHILIPPINES clitoris) within the Muslim community in Southern Thailand > Unpublished master’s thesis by Calsalin (2008)43 after …

ARROW · 8 September 2022 English

Formative and systematic effort to IMPLEMENT CSE in Asia and the research is conducted to assess existing evidence related Pacific in the past 20 years, at sub-region and national to …

ARROW · 17 August 2022

†Mgm, AvU© Ges µvdUm: †Mgm, AvU© Ges µvdUm& Z_¨ wewbgq bq A_©vr Zviv mevB GKB iKg bq| †mBm‡½ RvwZ, eY©, ag©, Ges Av‡jvPbvi GKwU gRvi Ges weKí Dcvq| Ae¯’vb, cÖwZewÜZvi …

ARROW · 28 July 2022 Maltese

1 2021 lqf[+kZ;k¡ 4 efgyk vkSj tsaMj lewg rFkk ;kSu vkSj çtuu LokLF; ,oa ukxfjd laxBuksa ds :i esa gekjs fy, ;g egRoiw.kZ gS fd iSjoh ds ç;klksa vf/kdkj vkSj …

ARROW · 1 July 2022 English

arrow annual report 2021 : 26 In 2021, ARROW and WDDF had interventions at the Human Rights Council, the Commission on Social Development, and the Commission on the Status of …

ARROW · 6 June 2022 English

The looming uncertainty of the near future, fear of and/or actual loss of loved ones, individual, familial and social vulnerability, resulting anxiety, limited or no access to safe spaces to …

ARROW · 13 May 2022 English

For the entire duration We are presenting this Youth Call to Action at a time of the forum we engaged in cross-country and intra- when we are going through the …

ARROW · 1 April 2022 English

Internet • The governments should invest in technologies and access, technological devices and other needs of corporations that develop more affordable solutions students and teachers need to be fulfilled to …

ARROW · 1 April 2022 English

Students are being left behind due to lack of the voices of the youths have been left out of national access to technology and access to internet which is used …

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