Association of Caribbean States


Association of Caribbean States

Type IGO
Year founded 1994
Location Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags trade transport defense and security sustainability and sustainable development
Summary The Association of Caribbean States is a union of nations centered on the Caribbean Basin. It was formed with the aim of promoting consultation, cooperation, and concerted action among all the countries of the Caribbean. The primary purpose of the ACS is to develop greater trade between the nations, enhance transportation, develop sustainable tourism, and facilitate greater and more effective responses to local natural disasters.

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ACS · 28 September 2022 English

Assist the Director in the development, rationalization, coordination and evaluation of ACS policies, programmes and projects which contribute effectively to the development process in the Greater Caribbean; 2. [...] Assist …

ACS · 16 September 2022 English

We acknowledge and accept that, in the aforementioned circumstances, Expertise France shall be entitled to exclude our company from the tender procedure for services/supplies/works in the context of the implementation …

ACS · 14 September 2022 English

The objectives of the ACS are contained in the Articles of the Convention and are based on the following: Strengthening regional cooperation and the integration process, with the aim of …

ACS · 12 September 2022 English

These efforts are intended to create an enhanced economic space in the region; preserve the environmental integrity of the Caribbean Sea which is regarded as the common patrimony of the …

ACS · 9 August 2022 French

C/SG DETAILS DU POSTE Les ressortissants intéressés et qualifiés des États Membres et Membres associés sont invités à soumettre leurs candidatures pour pourvoir le poste suivant à l’Association des Etats …

ACS · 9 August 2022 English

C/SG DETAILS OF THE POSITION Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified nationals of Member States and Associate Member States to fill the following position at the Association of …

ACS · 5 August 2022 Spanish

Prestar asistencia logística, incluida la preparación y revisión de documentos para todas las actividades y reuniones bajo el ámbito de la Dirección, a saber: preparar invitaciones a todos los países …

ACS · 18 July 2022 English

The ACS, through its Directorate of Trade and Sustainable Development, as the primary Project Executing Agency (PEA) wishes to procure the services of a consultant, hereinafter referred to as the …

ACS · 11 May 2022 English

Payments by the ACS will be made subject to the terms and conditions of the Financing Agreement. [...] The ACS, through its Directorate of Trade and Sustainable Development, as the …

ACS · 11 May 2022 Spanish

Fax: (868) 622-1653 Phone: (868) 622-9575 E Mail: Internet: 10 de mayo de 2022 SOLICITUD DE EXPRESIONES DE INTERÉS Consultoría para la prestación de servicios de comunicación Convocatoria de …

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