Association of European Border Regions


Association of European Border Regions

The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) was founded in 1971 by the first border regions which had started cross-border cooperation in Europe after the Second World War, strengthening the integration of citizens across national boundaries. Today it counts some 100 members from the European Union and its neighbouring countries.AEBR works on behalf of European border and cross-border regions with the aim to: highlight their role in the political landscape; represent their common interests; enhance cooperation between border regions throughout Europe; promote exchanges of experiences, information and solutions to common obstacles. Border regions face specific challenges because of their particular geographic position – a long distance from their country’s economic and political heartland, which often results in poor infrastructure, fewer public services and goods provision. In these territories, cross-border cooperation is essential, mainly because it is very often crucial to keep value chains, labour market, and other economic and social lifelines. By cooperating with their neighbouring territories, border regions can offer their citizens services and possibilities from a 360-degree perspective.
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