Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Type Government
Year founded 1995
Headquarters Canberra Australia Australia
Budget USD >100M
Functions Fieldwork, Research, Sets standards or regulations
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags energy economics water
Summary The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent Commonwealth statutory authority whose role is to enforce the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a range of additional legislation, promoting competition, fair trading and regulating national infrastructure for the benefit of all Australians.

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Issue 79 June 2021 - Critical Issues in Regulation – From the …

ACCC · 28 June 2021 English

This paper is about the ‘Coase theorem’, which The paper contains a large number of references to Steven Medema (Professor of Economics at Duke the place of the Coase theorem …

Airline competition in Australia

ACCC · 28 June 2021 English

In announcing the direction, the Treasurer stated that the ACCC’s monitoring will assist in protecting competition in the sector for the benefit of all Australian airline travellers.2 The Treasurer also …

Guide to the Electricity Retail Code - Version 3

ACCC · 16 June 2021 English

Communicating prices A retailer communicates the offered prices to a small customer if the retailer: advertises, or publishes the prices, or offers to supply electricity to the customer at those …

Developing a Regulatory Asset Base value for the Australian Rail Track Corporation …

ACCC · 13 June 2021 English

After stakeholder consultation and consideration of the issues, the ACCC formed the view that a new DORC valuation of the Interstate Network was the most appropriate approach to setting the …

Independent chains generally have the lowest R pr ep ic

ACCC · 4 June 2021 English

For instance: in all 4 years, Speedway was the lowest priced retailer in Sydney and United was the lowest in Brisbane in the 3 years between 2018 and 2020, United …

Internet activity report - For the period ending 31 December 2020

ACCC · 4 June 2021 English

The total number of NBN services reported increased by 1.56 million (27%) over the last year, coinciding with the conclusion of the NBN rollout. [...] 2 Internet activity report – …

Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry - final report (part 3)

ACCC · 4 May 2021 English

Figures 5.11A and 5.11B set out the monthly volume and proportion of allocation trades-out by the investors in comparison to the rest of the market in the Lower Murray (zones …

Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry - final report (part 5)

ACCC · 4 May 2021 English

934 The inquiry terms of reference directed the ACCC to consider particular elements of Basin market architecture including the impact of carryover arrangements and the trade of water carried over; …

Agricultural machinery market study

ACCC · 28 April 2021 English

Based on its findings, the ACCC’s recommendations and future action are primarily targeted at promoting competition in after-sales markets and increasing transparency in relation to the information available to purchasers …

Airport monitoring report 2019-20 - Background information

ACCC · 21 April 2021 English

The ACCC’s price monitoring and financial reporting information requirements for airport operators are outlined in the ACCC Airport prices monitoring and financial reporting guideline from June 2009.4 2.2 Quality of …

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