BirdLife International

BirdLife International

Type Nonprofit
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1922
Location Cambridge United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 20M-49M
Functions Advocacy, Fieldwork, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags conservation birds habitats
Summary BirdLife International is a global partnership of non-governmental organizations that works to conserve birds and their habitats. BirdLife International's priorities include preventing extinction of bird species, identifying, maintaining and restoring bird habitats, and empowering conservationists worldwide. It has a membership of more than 5 million people across 116 country partner organizations, including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Wild Bird Society of Japan, the National Audubon Society and American Bird Conservancy.

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BirdLife International · 28 November 2022 English

In OEWG-3 in Geneva, the decision was made to remove the 2030 milestones as a structural element while recognising the importance of retaining the content of the milestones of Goal …

BirdLife International · 28 November 2022 English

GBF Monitoring Framework COP15 Essentials E e a E e e f a M F a e f e P -2020 G ba B d e F a e be …

BirdLife International · 28 October 2022 English

A rights-based approach means: fully respecting, protecting and fulfilling Indigenous rights, lands, and resources; ensuring free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) and other mechanisms for full and effective participation of …

BirdLife International · 4 October 2022 English

Stretching from New Zealand and Australia to “With the planet at a tipping point Arctic Russia, the EAAF consists of a chain of over from the biodiversity and climate 900 …

BirdLife International · 4 October 2022 English

It’s the dedication, passion and expertise of local BirdLife Partners, with the support of Species Champions and other donors, that enables us to save threatened species around the world – …

BirdLife International · 28 September 2022 English

BirdLife’s periodic flagship science publication uses data on birds to assess the condition of the natural world, and is established as one of the most authoritative and influential syntheses of …

BirdLife International · 27 September 2022 English

With the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, there is no better time to work together to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation to help achieve the climate …

BirdLife International · 21 September 2022 Spanish

Entre las prevención de la sobreexplotación el estado de la naturaleza, las principales amenazas se encuentran: y la caza ilegal de aves, la gestión Nuestra ciencia: la Lista Roja de …

BirdLife International · 21 September 2022 French

La conservation par les peuples Des systèmes de suivi et de surveillance La surexploitation est la menace la plus répandue pour les populations d’oiseaux 44 indigènes ou les communautés locales, …

BirdLife International · 1 September 2022 English

BirdLife and 90+ NGOs call on MEPs to halt approval of the ‘green’ finance list With the letter, we called on the 705 MEPs to suspend scrutiny of the EU …

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