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Year founded 1951
Headquarters Durham United Kingdom United Kingdom

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BSA Work, Employment and Society 2021: Connectedness, Activism and Dignity at work …

BSA · 15 July 2021 English

The aim is to reflect on how the use of graphic illustrations and multimedia interactive mapping to describe the work of five platform food workers in Manchester can contribute to …

a/b Auto/Biography Study Group

BSA · 6 July 2021 English

This was an environment in which being a ‘clever bookish girl’ and seeking a life of the mind was equated to hubris and asexuality and was routinely met with hostility, …

Chapter in Edited Volume - Working Title: Breaking the Silence: Institutional Responsibility …

BSA · 13 May 2021 English

The edited collection is guided by the following questions: What are the experiences of women during their promotion to full professor? How do university structures, practices, policies, and norms affect …


BSA · 22 April 2021 English

This book is aimed at inaugurating a new frontier of research within leisure studies; one that does not simply report findings about children’s everyday leisure but fosters a holistic understanding …


BSA · 19 January 2021 English

The recent interest in efforts to address the relative neglect of questions about race and racism in the teaching culture of the discipline through efforts to decolonise the curriculum and …

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