Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Type NGO
Website c2es.org
Year founded 1998
Location Arlington, Virginia United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, Governments or multi-govt organizations, Individual citizens
Tags environment energy
Summary The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to advance strong policy and action to address the twin challenges of energy and climate change. As the successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) builds on an exceptionally strong foundation. Founded in 1998 with the support of The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Pew Center was widely recognized in the United States and abroad as a credible, independent force for pragmatic climate action. Named by the University of Pennsylvania the world’s top environmental think tank in 2009, the nonpartisan Center was a valued source of information and analysis, an effective bridge between diverse interests, and an established leader in catalyzing constructive business engagement. C2ES engages with international policymakers in the United States and other key countries; regularly convenes informal discussions among climate negotiators; and organizes conferences, workshops, and briefings on international climate policy developments.

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C2ES · 1 July 2021 English

The Fitzpatrick proposal • The Modernizing America with Rebuilding to would replace the gas and aviation fuel tax with a carbon Kickstart the Economy of the Twenty-first Century tax. [...] …

C2ES · 1 July 2021 English

Given the large fleet of currently operating will be a long and hard-fought struggle, and until the gas plants and the low-capacity utilization rate of those battle is won, natural …

C2ES · 22 June 2021 English

Together, subnational green banks and a national Even with all the impact that subnational green banks climate bank can leverage private investment at scale have had, there is a need …

C2ES · 16 June 2021 English

The proposed decision, which was not adopted, would have invited Parties’ views via submissions on the The 2020–25 transition period and post-2025 goal will implementation of the goal of mobilizing …

C2ES · 12 June 2021 English

COMMENTS OF THE CENTER FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS This document constitutes the comments of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) on the request for input to guide …

C2ES · 10 June 2021 English

New England, electricity imports from Québec and New This report summarizes the existing electricity rela- Brunswick contribute to lower wholesale power costs and tionship between Canada and the United States, …

C2ES · 3 June 2021 English

This paper examines and characterizes the carbon removal challenge in the United States key nature-based and technological CDR solutions as a and the rest of the world suggests that developing …

C2ES · 3 June 2021 English

JUNE 2021 INTERNATIONAL TRANSPARENCY OF ACTION: ISSUES FOR COP 26 Jennifer Huang Center for Climate and Energy Solutions At COP24 in Katowice, Poland, the Conference of the Parties serving as …

C2ES · 6 May 2021 English

Conference of Mayors The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions 1 THE UNITED STATES CONFERENCE OF MAYORS & THE CENTER FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS (C2ES) The United States Conference …

C2ES · 29 April 2021 English

Department of Agriculture (USDA) on “how to best use Department of Agriculture programs, funding and financing capacities, and other authorities, and how to encourage the voluntary adoption of climate-smart agricultural …

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