Center for the New Europe


Center for the New Europe

Type NGO
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1993
Year discontinued 2008
Location Belgium Belgium
Tags inactive organization
Summary The Centre for the New Europe (CNE) was a free-market think tank founded in 1993 and based in Brussels. It focused on EU issues such as economic growth, managing environmental change, health and welfare policy, competition policy, and innovation. Our research indicates that this organization is no longer active. If this information is not accurate, or if you are a member of this organization and would like to claim the organizational record, please contact us.

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CNE: Center for the New Europe Hungarian

„Budapestnek gondos gazdára van szüksége – és a demokráciában a legjobb gazda nem a hivatal, nem az állam, hanem az egyes ember, a polgár” – közölte nemrég, egyik beszédében, és …

CNE: Center for the New Europe English

Yet health spending is usually a reflection of wealth and prosperity – the higher the GDP, the higher the percentage of it devoted to healthcare. [...] This volume deals with …

CNE: Center for the New Europe Romanian

Totui, cât timp relaia de proprietate poate fi definit i aplicat într-un mod clar, exclusivitatea - i în consecin dreptul de proprietate - este posibil.1 Pe lâng exclusivitate, deintorii dreptului …

CNE: Center for the New Europe German

Bevor ich die beiden Länder in Bezug auf die Krankenversicherung näher vergleiche, möchte ich einige Zahlen zur Entwicklung der Gesundheitsausgaben in der OECD präsentieren. [...] Die Entwicklung der Gesundheitsversorgung in …

CNE: Center for the New Europe English

It is really based on the collective judgment of the he Pretty damning words from the mouth of the director of NICE ! HTA, as currently designed, places into conflict …

CNE: Center for the New Europe English

But remember that core principle of the free movement of goods? Welcome to the world of the parallel trader, who, thanks to what is theoretically the single market—but, in practice, …

CNE: Center for the New Europe English

It is thus influenced by cultural input ; secondly, there exist two moral systems, that of the horde and that of the abstract society, and the first cannot replace the …

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