Centre for Air Power Studies


Centre for Air Power Studies

Type NGO
Website capsindia.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2001
Location New Delhi India India
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations, Foundations/Grants
Tags transport defense and security
Summary Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS) was established in 2001 as an autonomous defence research and analysis body for research and focused analyses on issues related to national security, defence, and aerospace issues in the evolving strategic and international security environment. Its objective is to facilitate greater understanding of these issues amongst the Armed Forces, the strategic community and the public besides contributing to policy generation and decision-making.

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CAPS · 17 May 2022 English

Centre for Air Power Studies Centre for Air Power Studies I S S U E B R I E F 168/22 17 May 2022 Defence of Taiwan – complexiTies anD …

CAPS · 14 May 2022 English

In return for been approved by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy its investment, India will get Authority (UKAEA), a research organization of the access to 100 per cent of the …

CAPS · 13 May 2022 English

After the initial crash of the Russian currency, the Ruble⁵, it not only regained its value but is actually stronger against the dollar than the whole of last year. [...] …

CAPS · 9 May 2022 English

Unfortunately, the share of nuclear power in India's overall energy mix is just around 3%, in sharp contrast to the United States and France, with a share of 19% and …

CAPS · 9 May 2022 English

Johnson described the visit – his first to India as Prime Minister – as an effort to advance their bilateral partnership for “peace and prosperity” in the face of threats …

CAPS · 8 May 2022 English

During a joint press conference, PM Kishida said, “We are facing many challenges, including the situations in Ukraine, the East and South China Seas, and North Korea, and maintaining and …

CAPS · 4 May 2022 English

SCS: A ‘fortified’ Chinese Lake and its Vulnerabilities China’s consolidation of the SCS is almost certain not because of its ability to establish a full spectrum sea control in the …

CAPS · 2 May 2022 English

During the course of their careers, the initial years are dedicated The credo of the National Defence Academy towards their Service specific training and the (NDA), the only institution of …

CAPS · 30 April 2022 English

And they found a relatively straightforward link: Previously, the government would announce that the higher the dose, the higher the risk of cancer. [...] will be much like the first, …

CAPS · 26 April 2022 English

Centre for Air Power Studies Regional opinions and TRends Centre for Air Power Studies O p i n i o n s a n d T r e n d …

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