Climate Action Network


Climate Action Network

Type NGO
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Location Bonn Germany Germany
Functions Advocacy
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags climate social justice
Summary Climate Action Network (CAN) is a global network of more than 1,500 civil society organisations in over 130 countries driving collective and sustainable action to fight the climate crisis and to achieve social and racial justice.

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CAN · 9 June 2022 English

plenary for the GST, and to be part of the so-called The ultimate goal of the Global Stocktake is to Roundtables, and the “World Café,” and all the events deliver …

CAN · 8 June 2022 English

Editorial: Andres Fuentes Production: Verity Martin Ocean Action is Climate Action The ocean is the greatest unsung climate hero - it is the largest Climate change acts as a threat …

CAN · 7 June 2022 English

ambition levels of the ETS, ESR and LULUCF to just about reach In the EU the negotiations on key climate files of the Fit net emission cuts of -55% by …

CAN · 6 June 2022 English

honouring the commitment to mobilize conference on how to accelerate the 2030 In addition, the recommendations US$100 billion every year for climate agenda and the SDGs. [...] The Emissions That …

CAN · 26 May 2022 English

the establishment and operationalization of an LDFF that delivers on the needs of developing countries Functions at speed and scale by explaining the why and how. [...] Whilst the Santiago …

CAN · 24 May 2022 English

Urgent response to rapid-onset events in the accountable to the Conference of the Parties aftermath of climate disasters (such as storms (COP) and Conference of the Parties serving as and …

CAN · 24 May 2022 English

In the following years, the sections on climate change were expanded and more emphasis was put on the overarching impacts of climate change on all aspects of development and the …

CAN · 12 May 2022 English

In the offshore wind sector, the Netherlands took the lead for new additions in 2020 followed by Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, the United States of America and South …

CAN · 12 May 2022 English

Of these, solar PV installations which has grown almost 20 times in the last decade, holds out the most promise to decarbonise electricity generation and to fuel the necessary large …

CAN · 12 May 2022 English

However, due to rapid expansion of solar and wind power in the world, the total share of geothermal energy in the renewable energy basket is dropping.1 Table 1: Share of …

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