Climate Action Tracker

Climate Action Tracker

Type Project
Year founded 2009
Location Germany Germany
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags climate emissions
Summary The Climate Action Tracker tracks government climate action and measures it against the globally agreed Paris Agreement aim of "holding warming well below 2°C, and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C." It is a research project run in a consortium led by Climate Analytics and NewClimate Institute. CAT has been providing independent analysis to policymakers since 2009. CAT quantifies and evaluates climate change mitigation targets, policies and action. It also aggregates country action to the global level, determining likely temperature increases during the 21st century using the MAGICC climate model. CAT further develops sectoral analysis to illustrate required pathways for meeting the global temperature goals.

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Climate Action Tracker · 10 November 2022 English

The goldrush for gas continues and is counterproductive to the Paris Agreement. The energy crisis caused by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has sent governments scrambling to shore up energy …

Climate Action Tracker · 1 November 2022 English

Berlin and Cologne, Germany, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC: Bezos Earth Fund, Climate Action Tracker, Climate Analytics, ClimateWorks Foundation, NewClimate Institute, the United Nations Climate Change High-Level Champions, and …

Climate Action Tracker · 25 October 2022 English

2010 in order to become a different kind of system, to create a fundamentally new system when ecological, economic, or social structures make the existing system untenable… Deliberate transformation involves …

Climate Action Tracker · 8 September 2022 French

Cependant, il dispose de certaines fonctions de suivi et d'évaluation dans le cadre de son processus de planification plus large, à la fois au sein du Ministère de l'Environnement et …

Climate Action Tracker · 5 August 2022 English

It sets out the conditions and standards for production and use in order to ensure the diversification of energy Regulations sources in Senegal by making use of forest and agricultural …

Climate Action Tracker · 3 August 2022 English

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) tracks the progress of countries towards achieving the climate targets they have set for themselves under the Paris Agreement and what the combined effect of …

Climate Action Tracker · 8 June 2022 English

The world is going through a major energy crisis as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the next few years are critical for climate action—a …

Climate Action Tracker · 3 June 2022 English

The EU would be the primary candidate for being the first large country to update its NDC, as the agreement to increase the renewable target would lead to overachievement of …

Climate Action Tracker · 2 June 2022 English

India’s draft 2021 liquefied natural gas (LNG) Policy shows that it plans to increase the share of fossil gas to 15% of total primary energy consumption by 2030, up from …

Climate Action Tracker · 31 May 2022 English

Natural gas in Africa - May 2022 Climate Action Tracker Natural Gas in Africa Why fossil fuels cannot sustainably meet the continent’s growing energy demand May 2022 Summary Natural gas …

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