Combatting Terrorism Center


Combatting Terrorism Center

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2003
Headquarters United States of America United States of America
Functions Research
Tags terrorism counterterrorism
Summary The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point educates, advises, and conducts research to equip present and future leaders with the intellectual tools necessary to understand the challenges of terrorism and counterterrorism.

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CTC · 22 December 2021 English

To link up with [Person of the steps, the Stack is alleged to have “pushed forward alongside Ten.]”116 Person One then instructed the Leadership Signal Chat a mob that aggressively …

CTC · 16 November 2021 English

fealty or at least gestures of tacit acceptance from most political 3) Finally, the speed of the Islamic Republic’s collapse and the leaders who remained in the country; appointed a …

CTC · 21 October 2021 English

forces in statement noted the existence of the alleged ceasefire put in place the absence of any withdrawal.45 Then, as the Washington meetings months earlier, criticizing the United States for …

CTC · 28 September 2021 English

In short, this study involves an effort to track and examine a sample of fundraising initiatives that appear oriented toward supporting Islamic State detainees, namely women and minors, in the …

CTC · 27 September 2021 English

Despite the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)3 and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, evidence suggests that the camps are a growing asset for the Islamic State because …

CTC · 17 September 2021 Arabic

وقد زاد هذا العدد إىل 300 يف الشهر بحلول شهر آب من عام 2006 .46 وإستمرت الغارات مبعدل حوايل 10 إىل 20 عملية إعتقال يف الليلة الواحدة يف منتصف عام …

CTC · 3 September 2021 English

Can you talk us through how that day, 9/11, was for So I told him that there were two state sponsors of terrorism, you? The sense of purpose it created …

CTC · 9 July 2021 English

They write that The views expressed in this report are the group has “continued to mobilize, sometimes armed and violently, in response to the continued those of the authors and …

CTC · 28 June 2021 English

These findings touch on three key areas: the size of the male population on the payroll of the Islamic State, the size of the larger population supported by the male …

CTC · 20 May 2021 English

how and why action against individual groups is not sufficient, and why the threat from Atomwaffen has not faded in spite of its reported ‘collapse.’ The lesson to be drawn …

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